Ford Mustang Speed Dating Prank for Valentine’s Day 2015

As you’ll see in the previews at the bottom of this page, we’ve assembled a wide array of articles that track the Ford Mustang from the wild experimental two-seater of all the way to today’s newest models. We also invite you to check out Consumer Guide’s expert reviews, prices, and more on the Ford Mustang, on used Mustangs dating to , and on hundreds of other new cars and trucks. Sports Car Image Gallery. Fact-packed and inviting to look at, our historial look at the Ford Mustang is as fascinating as the car it chronicles. These articles are enhanced by hundreds of photographs, many never before available on the Internet, that bring a sense of discovery to every element of the captivating tale of the Mustang. Go inside Ford’s secret styling studios to glimpse designs for Mustangs that became realities and ones that died on the drawing board. Scores of stirring color portraits celebrate the most desirable production Mustangs ever. The craze began with the Ford Mustang , which connected with America’s youthful spirit and produced a whole new automotive segment: the pony car. And see how the car regained its winning form starting with the Mustang , featuring new styling and good-old V-8 power. Follow Mustang’s development through the s, with evermore-roadworthy and value-packed versions, such as the SVT Cobra , with its twincam V-8, and the Mustang Mach 1 , complete with “shaker” hood scoop.

E-dating for car lovers and petrolheads

By , the U. This significant growth demonstrates the importance of digital channels for the sector and the competition for the attention of car lovers is fierce. The key to a successful marketing car campaign is creativity, to tug on a customer’s heartstrings and be memorable.

It was her skylight blue convertible Ford Mustang, purchased at age 22 the very first Mustang owner, with a purchase date of April 16,

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Love At First Sight? Ford, Tinder Match Up Couples in a Mustang for Blind Date

See all 10 photos. Shelby GT Super Snake. King Cobra. These are just a few of the awesome names that have adorned Ford Mustangs dating back to , but “Mach 1” is way up there in coolness.

a hilarious prank and turned it into a Valentine’s Day ad campaign. a stunt driver takes an unsuspecting guy on a date in a Ford Mustang.

One Craigslist poster from Kenosha, Wisconsin, has taken the idiom “honesty is the best policy” to heart. The ad now flagged for removal for a Chevrolet Cavalier isn’t exactly the best sales pitch in the world. Case in point, the post starts off with, “Ok, this car is an absolute piece of shit. The poster continues at length to describe the various problems that made the car so unbearably terrible.

Here are some of the highlights of the vehicular slaughter:. Driving this car will assure you of a hot season of involuntary abstinence better than inviting girls to your weekly Dungeons and Dragons game in your mom’s basement. Someone side swiped me in a parking lot and just drove off without leaving a note. I wouldn’t have even called the cops dude but you could have bought me a case a beer to drown out the soul crushing pain of having to drive this POS car to my awful job every day.

As far as I’m aware this car has not had any type of malicious voodoo, or ancient Chinese curse placed upon it. This car has clearly dealt more damage to the owner’s life than a Stephen King creation.

Let’s Hear It for This Brutally Honest Craigslist Car Ad

By David Gianatasio. Persson, a leading stunt car driver, was hired by the automaker for a prank video from Team Detroit and production house The Work. The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they’re auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel.

Owning a Ford Mustang is a goal for so many people. It’s a beloved model dating back to its original reveal in the s, and there’s a good.

Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to. Take a Mustang and a beautiful professional stunt driver. Ford Mustang , one stunt woman scaring the living daylights and some unsuspecting men on a blind date. Back during Halloween, Ford put forth a pretty excellent YouTube video depicting a prank perpetrated on some. For Mustang Speed Dating , we wanted to show a female stunt driver in a Ford.

Take a. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air. Ford recruited a.

Seventh-inning slam sinks Mustang baseball

The Mach-E debuts a suite of new technologies for Ford, most notably a new interior setup that features a vertical The infotainment system debuts Ford’s next-generation SYNC infotainment system that includes a customizable area that can learn a driver’s preferences and make personalized suggestions, according to officials. Hackett said the Mach-E will feature a new, hands-free driver-assist system that is expected to compete with Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise systems.

The company, he said, plans to activate the driver-assist system through an over-the-air update. He declined to provide timing for the system update. Top performance models of the Mustang Mach-E will achieve 0 to 60 mph in the midsecond range with an estimated horsepower and lb.

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Mustang is an exceptional tactician, well-versed in various strains of combat theory and particularly talented in the realms of surreptitious information-gathering, covert operations and enemy ensnarement.

Single Mustang Members Interested In Over 50 Dating

Subscriber Account active since. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, pinks hearts, red roses, and boxes of chocolate are everywhere. So Ford decided to join the fun with three-minutes of smoking tires and confused men in a commercial titled “Speed Dating.

is forecast to spend $14 billion on digital advertising, a growth of 13% per year. For Valentines weekend, Ford set out to attract viewers to their Mustang prank dating show and meet up with the show’s ‘star’ to be selected for the show.

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The Ford Mustang Mach 1 Visual History, From 1969-2020

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With origins dating back to the Cobra Jet-powered Mustangs of the nPlease add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or become a subscriber.

Pocket-lint – Ford has come up with a hilarious prank and turned it into a Valentine’s Day ad campaign. The car maker decided to set up a female stunt driver on several blind dates with men who had no idea she was in fact a stunt driver. During each date, she meets with a guy in a coffee shop. When their coffee is finished, she asks him to go for a ride in her shiny Mustang, literally putting a new spin on speed dating.

But of course, before she roars up the engine and takes off, she nervously informs her date that she “doesn’t really know how to drive stick”, to which the men either nervously laugh or offer drive or even brag about being able to show her what “this thing can really do”. She just giggles in response and steps on the pedal. After a bit of driving and small talk, the woman finally cranks things up and proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Watch the video to see the action unfold for yourself.

There’s even some whimpering involved.

Ford Mustang: Speed Dating

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Having sold over 10 million models and remaining immune to the overall decline in sports coupe and convertible sales in the UK, this tried-and-true classic car just keeps driving on. In , the original concept for the Ford Mustang was revealed. It was pitched by the then-general manager of Ford, Lee Iacocca, as a fun-to-drive compact car. The mid-engine two-seater roadster earned its name in reference to the P Mustang fighter plane from the Second World War.

In the sixties, Ford designers pitched the Ford Falcon to Iacocca, a new model with a high-mounted grill and a long-sweeping hood. The inside of the vehicles was considerably different, however, with the Mustang offering lower positioned seats and a lower ride height. By , car customizing company, Shelby American, entered the fray, producing a higher-powered version of the popular mobile. To differentiate from the pony cars of yesteryear, the Mustang II offered a longer Hatchback model.

2015 Ford Mustang goes global at 50

Ford fans who love drag racing know all about the Cobra Jet. With origins dating back to the Cobra Jet-powered Mustangs of the s, modern-day Mustang Cobra Jets are dedicated quarter-mile track cars that drag racers can buy straight from Ford. Only 68 current-era Cobra Jets are slated for production, and while Ford is coy on saying just how much power the highly modified 5.

In fact, the power level is right there in the name — Cobra Jet This has been a fantastic project to work on, and we hope the first of many coming from our team at Ford Performance Motorsports. Ford says that should be enough to send the electric Cobra Jet through the quarter-mile in the low-eight-second range at over mph.

Feb 10, – Speed Dating Prank | Ford Mustang | This ad is hilariousssss.

By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail. Strait-laced Ford raised eyebrows in Britain this week by climbing into bed with dating website Tinder to boost sales of its sporty new Mustang. Clearly keen to attract younger customers, the usually conservative company used Tinder apps to find five couples to go on a blind date with its new U. The global dating website claims to make 26 million matches daily — from people seeking genuine, long-term relationships to those just after a casual fling.

Talking point: Ford has teamed up with Tinder apps to find five couples to go on a blind date with its new Mustang. Tinder’s critics deplore the cattle market nature of its selection process, with participants swiping right on their smartphones to give the thumbs-up or left to reject. This approach makes Ford’s link a high-risk proposition for a firm so protective of its reputation.

But the car firm said it attracted more than 1. The couples were interviewed by comedian Jarred Christmas and came up with cheesy chat-up lines and a fair degree of innuendo.

Mustang Speed Dating – 2016 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Finalist